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Property Condition Assessment

PRIME Commercial Property Inspections will consult with you about the scope of the inspection of your building or lease space to produce an inspection report specific to your needs. Our standard building inspection includes the structure, roof, foundation, mechanicals (electric, plumbing, and HVAC), interior, and exterior.

Our inspection report can be used to negotiate a lower purchase price, lower lease rate, or repairs before occupancy.

Environmental Site Assessment

Typically, when properties are bought and sold, the due diligence period often requires an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA). A Phase I ESA is designed to help determine a property site contamination. If a Phase I ESA shows site contamination then a Phase II is required. A Phase II is the testing part of an ESA. Soil, air, and other testing are done to determine the extent of contamination.

Lease Space (NNN) or Triple Net

When leasing commercial space, the type of lease may have you responsible for all of the maintenance. We will throroughly inspect the commercial property so that you have a baseline condition at the start of the lease. The lease inspection report can be used to lower the lease rate or be used to have repairs made before occupancy. The report can also be referred to at the end of the lease term and be used to resolve differences.

Luxury Homes

High end luxury homes have commercial grade electrical systems, some even three phase. These homes often have large commercial style HVAC systems. Even the kithcens have commercial grade equipment in them. We are trained to be able to recognized deficiencies and accurately convey the findings in a comprehensive inspection report. Of course we are always discreet and confidential.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a useful tool for preventative maintenace and is used in a number of situations. Electrical panels and equipment scans can show excessive heat in circuits and connections, which can easily lead to failure and potential fire. Mechanical equipment scans can show failing bearings, for example. Roof scans can detect water infiltrations that would reuire repairs or replacement and save a buyer thousands in expense that can be negotiated in the buying process.

Commercial Draw Inspections Building Consultation

We work with banks, other lending institutions, and insurance companies, as a independent third set of eyes on a contruction project. This type of inspection helps determine the various stages that a construction site is in and then money can be dispensed.

ADA Survey Tier I, II, and III

An ADA survey evaluates the property for compiace with Federal, State, and Local requirements so that all people have access to goods, services, programs, and activities. There is no "grandfathered in" when it comes to ADA because ADA is civil rights law and not building code. So even older facilities must comply and ensure that people with disabilities have equal oppotunity to participate.



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