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NET/Triple Net Lease (NNN) ​​

When you sign a lease, you may be responsible for none of the maintenance, some of the maintenance or all of the maintenance! PRIME Commercial Property Inspections will thoroughly inspect your commercial property lease and deliver an inspection report that will give you an understanding of the condition of your commercial real estate.

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 It is possible to leverage the Property Condition Report findings to negotiate a better rate or request repairs prior to occupancy. For net or triple net leasing (NNN), it’s important to document existing conditions from the beginning of the term so that a baseline condition of the property can be established. A thorough commercial property inspection helps prevent disputes over the buildings care and maintenance during the term of the lease. 

 PRIME Commercial Property Inspections will thoroughly and independently examine and document the property’s existing conditions at the onset of the lease. The reports are well documented with pictures and descriptions of deficiencies. The report can quickly be accessed to resolve outstanding issues during disputes if needed.

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