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Property Condition Assessment

 Commercial building inspections are important for investors or buyers seeking to know the condition of a property they may be purchasing, leasing, or simply maintaining. PRIME Commercial Property Inspections follows industry accepted guidelines of ASTM E2018 and other international standards.

 These standards help the commercial building inspector and the client to understand and agree to the scope of work for the inspection, including the systems or areas to be inspected, and is used as a guide to develop scopes and procedures.

 Once the inspection or Property Condition Assessment is completed, a written report (Property Condition Report or PCR) is compiled and delivered to the client within an acceptable time frame.

The PCR may include such items as concerns observed, recommendations for repairs or further inspections, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance surveys,
and predictive maintenance and costs reports.

NET/Triple Net Lease
When you sign a lease, you may be responsible for:
    -none of the maintenance
     -some of the maintenance

-all of the maintenance

It is possible to leverage the Property Condition Report findings to negotiate a better rate or request repairs prior to occupancy. For net or triple net leasing (NNN), it’s important to document existing conditions from the beginning of the term so that a baseline condition of the property can be established.

 It is not unusual for disputes to emerge at the end of the lease due to discrepancies as to the buildings care and maintenance during the term of the lease. Documentation of the building condition

prior to occupancy can resolve many issues with a thorough building inspection.

 PRIME Commercial Property Inspections will thoroughly and independently examine and document the property’s existing conditions at the onset of the lease. The reports are well documented with pictures and descriptions and may even include video. These reports may never be required. However, they can quickly be accessed to resolve outstanding issues during disputes if needed. Keeping several

copies in different secure locations is recommended.

      Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) 

 The Phase I ESA involves a review of records, a site inspection, and interviews with owners, occupants, neighboring property owners and local government officials. The review of government records and interviews may take a lot of time. To ensure a quality assessment, allow sufficient time for the process. Environmental site assessments help buyers/investors and real estate professionals understand the environmental risks of a property which can reduce liability and damages.

 The need for a Phase I environmental site assessment may include: Transfer of a property to a new owner - When a new loan is taken out on the property - Suspected toxic conditions on the property - Changes to the land use permit. There are other scenarios where these ESAs will be necessary.

Thermal Imaging - Infrared Scan - Thermography

Thermography measures surface temperatures by using infrared pictures and even video and show the difference of surface heat tempuratures. The images record the temperature variations of the building envelope, interior, or mechanicals. The images help to determine if insulation is needed, for example, due to air leaks and gaps.

A thermal scan of electrical panels can reveal potential issues from overheating, current problems, failing connections.

Themal scans of equipment, such as motors, can detect excessive heat from friction and can be used as a preventative maintenance tool.

"Flat" ommercial building roofs are expensive and knowing if there are leaks are can often times be negotiated for repair or a reduced purchase price. Wet insulation conducts heat faster than dry insulation, thermographic scans of roofs can often detect roof leaks or help to determine whether a building needs insulation.


 There are many components of high end, luxury residences that are not found in

 general residential housing like:

LargeHVAC systems –in some cases there may be large roof top units or several

commercial heating and cooling units on the property.

Electrical Systems –Most residential construction have a single panel, single phase electric system. Most commercial and large residences use 3 phase electrical systems with multiple panels, switch gear, and other equipment. Three phase systems can be very complex, requiring advanced training and knowledge to inspect them.

High-end Kitchens –Large and high end residential properties often have commercial equipment installed. For example, commercial gas appliances and electrical equipment, commercial walk in freezers and refrigeration systems. Often fire suppression systems are installed in kitchen and even throughout the entire structure. Multiple kitchens are also possible.

Restaurants - Warehouse - Industrial - Gas Stations 
​Commercial Draw Inspections - Apartment Building or Complex
HOA Annual Inspections - Insurance Inspections
Education Facilities - Retail/Shopping Centers

 Specialty Services

Infrared Roof Scan - Infrared Electrical Scan - Infrared Mechanical Scan - Drone Service
 Radon Testing - Mold/IAQ Testing - Well Water Testing

Whole Building or Single System and Components

All inspections follow ASTM E2018-15 and international standards. 
Interviews with current owner/tenants - Repair research/review

 Inspections are tailored to your specifications
​ Specialists/Contractors brought in as needed